Before you buy a luxury hand bag from an individual person using online sites, STOP, and ask to meet you at our store, and get it authenticated by us before paying for it. It will only cost you $30 for most bags, and it can save you hundreds if it comes to be a counterfeit.

We provide authentication services using a third party authentication company. If the bag is authentic, a certificate of authenticity will be provided. If it is not we will let you know. The service fee for most luxury bags is $30, for Hermes is $130. If you decide to sell  your authentic bag to us, the fee is waived.

The Process: Bring your bag, wallet, or belt to us, no appointment necessary. Once the fee is paid, we start the authentication process. The time to authenticate is about 5 minutes, however, the results can take up to 30 minutes, in some instances it can take up to 24 hours. For Hermes Bag the results take 24 hours. Once the results are in, we print your certificate or email it to you.